Applause Southwest

Applause Southwest is based in the South West of England in Plymouth; we are here to encourage and guide people of all ages on the creative ways of acting and theatre. We explore theatre from both the past and present, dating back to the 1780’s till the present day and you can search through our extensive archives that show the way that playbills and posters have changed over the years.

If you want to know more about a theatre that has since been demolished then search here for pictures and a 3D exploration. Some of the greatest theatres in the world have been demolished; places where Shakespeare plays were first performed are no longer standing. In England we have had so many famous actors and playwrights but not many young people of today’s generation know who they are.

Since the 18th Century there have been many people who have turned shaped performance arts, many of whom use the techniques in the popular theatres in Central London. Theatre has become more dramatic and improved over the years and we have many of actors who are no longer in the business to thank. We encourage people to discover new skills and new ways of acting, whether it being performance arts or not.

We have a popular forum encouraging people to talk about new shows and taking part in theatre groups. Not only does this give young people something to do after school but it can also help children from a troubled background to stay out of trouble. Being part of a theatre group can have good rewards as talent scouts are often seen attending local shows as well as looking for new and fresh young talent.

We also have an up to date listings page to keep theatre goers interested and everyone is encouraged to write a review to make the performances popular. The listing page covers areas such as: Cornwall, Devon, Exeter, Plymouth, Somerset and Torquay. So if you live in the South West there is bound to be a theatre near you.